Saubaum (2018)



This is my first street sculpture work and it is in Europe. This was an invitation from the Saubach Kult project in Oberfeistritz Austria.


This is an art project suported by a collective from Oberfeistritz, Steirermark there is a creek where the people hide their pigs from the russian soilders during the ocupation afeter the World War II. Some years ago born this idea from local artists and was supported from the mayor in turn; Franz Neuhold, hi stills like the president of the comitee from Saubach Kult. So the idea is to make an permanent artwork around the creek with the main reference ot the pigs. My work was the number 20 and the first one from an foreign artist.


So my idea was to make something that shows how an non-austrian artists see this place from Austria. Due to Oberfeistritz is in the Apfel Land (Apple region) from Styria I have the idea to make an apple tree where the apples was pigs.

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